Empowering Postpartum Coaching

This comprehensive 1:1 program guides you through creating a customized, holistic plan for caring for yourself and your new family before baby arrives. You will also have continued 1:1 support after birth to ensure a confident, connected transition into parenthood on your own terms.

This program centers your self-care and wellbeing so that you can fully embrace the joy of your new baby without losing your sense of self.

Preparing for Parenthood: Postpartum Planning Program

The Preparing for Parenthood program guides you through creating your own customized postpartum plan so you feel confident and empowered to care for your newborn and nourish yourself during the fourth trimester. 

This comprehensive DIY guide helps you transition into parenthood on your own terms by planning for infant care, self-care, household help, and connecting with your partner.

Postpartum Planning Mentorship

The Postpartum Planning Mentorship Program provides personalized, expert guidance as you create a customized postpartum plan. Receive continued support through accountability sessions and personalized check-ins to ensure a confident, empowered transition into parenthood. 

This program pairs a comprehensive DIY guide for preparing for life with baby with the encouragement, troubleshooting, and knowledgable mentorship of a dedicated postpartum coach.

Postpartum Nutrition Planning Package

Heal and support your postpartum body from the inside out. The Postpartum Nutrition Planning Package includes customized nutrition coaching and meal planning to help you heal deeply, balance your hormones, improve your sleep and energy, and nourish your body (and mind) as you navigate your fourth trimester.

Virtual Lactation Services

I offer customized lactation and infant feeding support to help you meet your feeding goals. Our first visit includes a comprehensive intake, observed feeding session (if applicable) and development of a detailed care plan. Subsequent visits build on our initial work together. 

Packages with multiple visits are recommended for optimal outcomes over time. Secure messaging support is also included.

Get my Nourishing Bone Broth Recipe!

Nourish your healing body after birth with this simple, delicious and nutrient-dense superfood.