The Importance of Postpartum Support: My Empowering “New Mom” Transformation

My first postpartum left me barely surviving. I knew with baby number two I had to make big changes. Through research, education, planning, and self-care, I created the empowering postpartum support and experience I desperately needed.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned about postpartum support and planning to help other moms feel seen, heard, healed, and confident after giving birth.

My First Postpartum: Devoid of Support, Lonely, and Overwhelmed

Postpartum Support

Starting life with firstborn son was nothing like I’d imagined. My long, induced labor left me utterly exhausted. My body was so weak and tired I barely had the strength to hold my new baby.

For the first two days after birth, I struggled to breastfeed him. His shallow latch was agony for me. My dream of a beautiful and peaceful breastfeeding experience turned into a nightmare. All the passing minutes blurred together as I desperately tried to feed and soothe my baby.

The second night after I gave birth, paralyzed by exhaustion, I accidentally dropped him onto the hospital bed. I had dozed off during another feeding session. Although he was unhurt, I was flooded with shame and guilt.

I felt like a failure already and we hadn’t even left the hospital.

My Physical and Mental Health Spiraled Downward

Once home, things only got harder. Severe sleep deprivation caused frightening hallucinations. Pain from stitches distracted me when my baby needed me most.

I was so focused on breastfeeding that I neglected my basic self-care. Frozen meals left me bloated but I lacked energy to cook nutritious postpartum foods.

As the weeks dragged on, I felt myself sinking into depression. My anxiety was through the roof. I had no clue how to care for my body or mind after childbirth. I wished I had planned and prepared for postpartum like I had for my birth.

I blamed and hated my body for not meeting my unrealistic expectations of early motherhood. I missed so much of my son’s first year of life. Finally, after a year of suffering, finally found the courage to tell my doctor about my mental health struggles and received the help I desperately needed. My recovery journey could begin.

Planning My Ideal Postpartum Support the Second Time Around

Postpartum Support

When I became pregnant again, I was determined to avoid another traumatic postpartum. Using my painful first experience as motivation, I created a postpartum plan focused on holistic healing. 

I built a strong support system of loved ones, my doula, my therapist, and hired my own postpartum coach.

Prioritizing my nutrition, I made nutrient-dense meals and snacks before birth; food that supported my healing body. I learned techniques to care for both my physical and mental health.

Most importantly, I let go of rigid expectations and prepared to listen to what my body truly needed as a new mother again.

Now I Empower Other New Moms to Thrive After Birth

The contrast between my two postpartum experiences showed me how crucial this period is for new parents. I realized I could use my knowledge and experience to help others avoid the same suffering and isolation I endured.

I got to work learning and educating myself in order to provide comprehensive postpartum support to new parents.

I became a certified lactation counselor because I was passionate about helping parents successfully feed their babies. Later, I earned my certification as a Postpartum Nutrition Professional so I could support my clients healing from the inside out.

Working through Postpartum Support International’s Perinatal Mental Health Certification program, provided me with even more tools and resources to support birthgivers.

As a postpartum coach I now provide new and expecting parents with customized support for their post-birth journey. I share the tools and insights I wish I had known as a new mom myself. 

My trauma-informed approach helps new parents transition gently, heal emotionally and physically, and bond with their newborns the way they long to.

Moms can focus on nurturing their babies because they are nurtured themselves.

Every birthgiver deserves to thrive during the magical yet challenging postpartum period (and beyond).

If you desire a holistically supported and empowered postpartum, I highly recommend checking out my postpartum planning program.

In my Preparing for Parenthood program, you will become prepared for everything postpartum life can bring – from your own healing and recovery after birth to caring for and bonding with your sweet babe during this vulnerable and fleeting time. Preparing for your postpartum through this powerful program will help you feel empowered, holistically supported, and ready to transition confidently into parenthood on your terms.

If you are pregnant and want to be strategic in planning for your postpartum experience, check out my Preparing for Parenthood program or my Empowering Postpartum Coaching which includes everything from the planning program plus the 1:1 support in helping you: 

  • create your custom postpartum plan in pregnancy
  • prepare postpartum specific meals designed to help you heal deeply
  • AND navigate your fourth trimester journey once baby arrives

Together we can create a plan to make your fourth trimester as soothing and successful as possible.

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