Thank you, this has been a priceless gift!

1:1 Client

I have a past history of trauma and grief around pregnancy and birth, and to try and make it through my recent pregnancy with some sense of calm I really started to look into the area of postpartum healing.  Maranda Bower highly recommended you as one of her certified nutrition coaches, and I knew you were a lactation coach as well, so I joined your Facebook group.  I loved the content included in all dimension of postpartum healing and was really trying to incorporate it into my life.  Heightened anxiety in the postpartum period made me want to reach out to you for additional support in the challenges brought into my life. 

I was just really doing my best to survive the transition of the move, early postpartum period, and balancing family life.  I reached out to a military spouse support group and did get some responses from others who have been in similar situations, but it wasn’t a conversation more than just a question/response.

Jessi takes a very holistic approach to the postpartum period, a multi-faceted approach.  There isn’t just ONE thing to focus in on but SO many and she is very versed on so many of these facets….lactation, sleeping, feeding, self-care, nutrition, mental health, the list goes on and on!  I can’t think of another coach that is so well rounded with her education and research in so many different areas!

Having Jessi is like having the guidance of a loving friend and experienced counselor rolled all into one where you can brainstorm ideas of how to make your postpartum experience lighter and really focus in on healing so that you can care for yourself, your baby, and your family.