Everyone would benefit from this service!!!

1:1 Client

I am beyond thankful that I had you by my side for everything that came up. I feel like all my problems were handled right away and everything you suggested really helped. I feel better emotionally knowing that every problem I had encountered had a solution and that you were able to help me with all the issues I brought up.

Everyone would benefit from this service!!! I went into this thinking it would be easy because I have so much experience caring for infants as a nanny for over 10 years, but it is SO much different when you are a mom. The birthing experience is harder. Recovery is harder. Nursing is hard. Having a baby who cried a lot is hard. I don’t think any first time parent can really be prepared for a baby.

I would highly recommend having Jessi as your postpartum coach no matter what your experience with infants is because you never know what problems you might encounter