I wish I had had you after my first baby

1:1 Client

When I reached out to you, I was beginning to feel some depression and I had an annoying milk bleb issue. I felt I was isolated from the world and a bit overwhelmed. I honestly had no idea where to turn or what I should even try first to address what I was feeling. When I met with you for the initial appointment, I was drawn to how raw and real you were about postpartum and that you were so easy to talk to.

You were so full of proactive solutions and so quick to recommend resources. It was a no-brainer for me that I wanted to work with you. You made me feel so comfortable that it made it much easier to ask for the help I needed it.

You encouraged me to take care of myself, gave me a listening ear about the challenges I was facing, and provided me with a plan and solutions for all things that came up (especially with nutrition and nursing issues). After nourishing my body with good foods for postpartum and finding time for self care and even just exploring my own needs, I feel so much better.

I’m a better mom because I had your encouragement and guidance as I navigated postpartum life with 2 kids. I wish I had had you after my first baby as I am sure I could have avoided some of the struggles I endured. Every postpartum mom should have you in their lives whether it is their 1st baby or they are a seasoned mom. I would recommend you to all of my friends. It was so helpful to have someone in my corner helping guide me with nutrition, breastfeeding, and self care. I truly enjoyed every conversation and loved getting to know you.