Raising Babies and Businesses: Juggling Mom and Entrepreneur Life (Featuring Molly Claire)

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Featuring: Molly Claire, Best Selling Author and Master Life and Business Coach

Are you a new or expectant mom feeling torn between embracing motherhood and pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams? In this insightful episode, postpartum empowerment coach Jessi Sletten is joined by best-selling author and master life coach Molly Claire. They dive deep into finding that sacred balance between raising babies and building businesses. Molly shares hard-won wisdom from her own journey as a mom of three, dismantling the flawed “do it all” mentality and providing real-world strategies to integrate self-care, leverage support systems, and crystalize your vision for an ideal life. Whether you’re drowning in postpartum depletion or struggling to juggle work and family, this dialogue offers a nurturing roadmap to unapologetically claim your multifaceted identity as both dedicated mother and thriving entrepreneur.

Guest Info:
Molly Claire is a Master Life + Business Coach and Master Coach Instructor for female coaches and service-based entrepreneurs. She helps coaches create a killer program that gets results for their clients and she also offers a high-level holistic Master Coach Certification. Molly authored the best-selling book, The Happy Mom Mindset, and hosts the Masterful Coach Podcast. Molly built her business from scratch, building it to multiple 6 figures, and scaled an online program to 7 figures. She is passionate about helping women overcome their limiting beliefs to build a profitable and meaningful business that supports their ideal life. She loves to instill confidence, self-love, and self-belief into every woman she meets. Her greatest joy in life is being a mom of 3 and building meaningful connections with her family and friends.

Connect with Molly:
Molly Claire Coaching Website

Show Notes:

Introduction (0:00 – 1:30)

  • Welcome to Empowering Postpartum with Jessi Sletten
  • Today’s guest: Molly Claire, Best-Selling Author and Master Life & Business Coach
  • Topic: Finding balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship

Molly Claire’s Background (1:30 – 2:35)

  • Mom of 3 kids (ages 21, 19, 13)
  • Former coach for overwhelmed moms
  • Wrote book “The Happy Mom Mindset”
  • Now coaches other coaches to be more effective

Making Room for Motherhood and Business (2:35 – 12:07)

  • Having purpose/passion outside of motherhood allows you to show up better as a mom
  • Don’t spread yourself thin trying to “do it all”
  • Make your personal life and business support each other, not compete
  • Build in “flex time” for unexpected things that come up

Giving Yourself Grace in Motherhood (12:07 – 20:24)

  • Have compassion, you’re figuring it out
  • Identify what really matters to you as a mom vs. others’ expectations
  • New motherhood is never what you expect

Prioritizing Self-Care (20:24 – 31:44)

  • Getting enough sleep, nutrition, etc. allows you to be more present
  • Schedule self-care, don’t view it as selfish
  • Share load with partner

Embracing Motherhood for Personal Growth (31:44 – 41:57)

  • Motherhood challenges you to face fears, heal from your past
  • Starting a business requires self-belief
  • The combo of motherhood + entrepreneurship is a big deal!

Building Your Support System (41:57 – 45:13)

  • Don’t go it alone – get coaches, mentors, nurture your village
  • Curate pre/postnatal support, don’t wait until you’re drowning

Final Advice (45:48 – 47:37)

  • Get crystal clear on your ideal life/business vision
  • Define your non-negotiables for work/life
  • Staying anchored to your vision helps you persist through challenges

How to Connect with Molly (47:47 – 49:16)

  • Book: “The Happy Mom Mindset” and workbook (available on Amazon)
  • Website: mollyclaire.com
  • Instagram: @mollyclairecoaching
  • Podcast: The Masterful Coach

Work with Jessi:

Empowering Postpartum Coaching guides new and pregnant moms through the transition into motherhood so that they can bond with their baby without sacrificing their own self care. If this sounds like the support you desire for your own unique journey into parenthood click here to learn more!

Episode Transcript

Jessi Sletten  0:25  

Hello, this is Jessi Sletten, from empowering, postpartum. And welcome to distinguish neural networks on ZingoTV channels 250 and 251. Please remember to download both VingoTV app on the respective app stores on iOS and Android devices. And while you download make sure to rate and leave a comment, the app is totally free. ZingoTV can also be found on Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire and fire sticks, Roku and Roku sticks and on all smart TVs 2016 and forward. Welcome to empowering postpartum with me, Jessi Sletten, your postpartum empowerment coach helping you feel confident prepared and holistically supported for your unique journey into parenthood. I’m really excited to dive into this episode today, because we’re going to be spilling all the tea on raising babies and businesses. And Molly Claire, Best Selling Author and Master Life and Business Coach is joining me today to talk all about finding that sweet spot with balancing mom and entrepreneur life. So Molly, thank you so much for joining us today.

Molly Claire  1:30  

Oh, I’m so excited to be here. I think that we there can’t be enough support for women juggling these two really important areas of their lives.

Jessi Sletten  1:42  

Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. And I feel like that there isn’t much support out there. I know what we you know, know to be available because we’re in this field, right. But I feel like so many of us are like, so much of you know, our pregnancy and postpartum experience is really just lacking as far as resources go. So I’m really excited about this episode, because I think this will be a wonderful resource for all sorts of parents entering into their pregnancy or maternity leave or getting ready to leave maternity leave. So I think this is going to be a really great conversation.

Molly Claire  2:20  

So I’m excited. Yeah, me too.

Jessi Sletten  2:23  

So why don’t we get started and just kick things off with you sharing a little bit about yourself? What you do, you know, how today’s topic resonates with you and your own personal journey. And we’ll just go from there. 

Molly Claire  2:35  

Yeah, so so many things. I am. So I’m a mom of three, I’m at the point in my life, where my oldest are 21, 19 and then my youngest is 13. So I’m past the baby stage and as such. My hope is to bring really good perspective to people juggling these two, you know, parts of their life specifically with, you know, kids and business and all of that. And so professionally, I’m a coach. And I worked for several years, specifically with moms who were overwhelmed with the demands and the responsibilities. And I wrote my book, “The Happy Mom Mindset”, which is really, really geared to support women in in just in the book doesn’t speak to the business part of it, which I know we’re talking about today, right? But the “Happy Mom Mindset” is, is really that support for women figuring out how can it possibly be that I can successfully raise kids and not be so overwhelmed? You know, not feel like I’m a failure all the time? How do I do this well? And so, so anyway, I spent several years focusing on women, helping women with that area of their life. And what I do now, which I’ll make very relevant to this conversation today, to those of you listening, is I actually support coaches in being able to be more effective in supporting their clients. And I do this with a holistic view, right? So as you’re talking with your clients here and as, or your listeners, right, as you all are listening about, how do you support yourself in a more whole view of your life, a whole person, a woman, a mother, a spouse, a business owner, if in the context of this right or whatever you do professionally, or not just knowing that, that you are a whole person and it is super important to make sure that you have the support you need in all areas of your life. So the bottom line is I’m super passionate about helping coaches to be effective and supporting people and making change in our lives in building a business. And one of the big things that I focus on from the beginning with my clients is how do we make sure that your business is support your personal life. Because that’s, I mean, that’s the thing, right? We have these different areas of our life. And too often they seem like they’re in competition, and I just don’t believe they need to be. Whoever, like all of your listeners right now, it is possible for you to do those things that are most important to you and do them well, without spreading yourself thin and believing you have to do at all. So that’s the big picture. That’s it in a nutshell.

Jessi Sletten  5:27  

I love that so much. And I think that that’s a really needed area, especially in the coaching industry, because it feels like everybody and their mom is jumping on the coaching bandwagon. And while I think that there are extremely effective coaches out there, and there are people who are passionate, they get into this work, because they’re passionate about helping other people, I think it’s super valuable to have a mentor who can show you the way on how to be more effective in your coaching. And so that you’re really giving your all to your clients. And that’s, that’s why we do what we do. So it’s important that we feel like we are making a difference, and we know what we’re doing. And we have the tools to be able to teach what we need to teach. 

Molly Claire  6:06  

Yes. Because our clients are counting on us, like all of you listening here, you’re here because you have a need, right, there is something in your life that feels off or where you need some support. And I just think so many people struggle with so many things behind the scenes. And I think as coaches like what a beautiful gift and responsibility to really support people in their lives and making their lives better, right, bringing a little more joy, a little more connection and relationships, and really being able to help each person, you know, fulfill their unique mission and purpose in the world. So it’s really important work. It matters.

Jessi Sletten  6:47  

I love that. Yeah, and I think it’s, as you mentioned, something really important that I think a lot of moms in particular struggle with, and that is reaching out for that help and being vulnerable enough to say like, “you know what? I’m not thriving and I would love to be able to do that and still be able to support my kids.” Something that I always say is, you know, we don’t have to be a martyr to our motherhood, even though that is what society kind of places on a pedestal for us women, right? When we kind of enter into this parenting journey. It’s like, okay, it’s all about the kids now, like, you get to step back, ‘it’s not your time”, all these things, these messages we get. And so when we have that spark within us when we’re like, you know what, I still want this piece, maybe my work, because that’s kind of the context we’re talking about, right? That part is important to me, like, I’m passionate about that, it’s a part of who I am. And I still want that in my life. Why do I have to step back from that, and just put everything into being mom, right? Instead of, I think there’s this place for “the and” we can be a mom and we can be our individual self, who still has wants and needs and passions and has something to contribute to the world outside of our home, right. And so I’d love for us to kind of touch on that and maybe some things that you recommend or tips that you can give to the viewers on how you can make room for “the and” in life.

Molly Claire  8:21  

So, one thing I want to emphasize that is super important that we remember is that I think, as women, we can mistakenly think that having the end means we do it all, we take it all on. And we get in this place of spreading ourselves thin, and we think “I can have it all. I can do it all.” And so it’s like the only way in our mind, the only way we can have the things we want is to become some superhuman version of ourselves. That’s not possible. That’s stressful and exhausting. So I first want to highlight that, like I agree 100% With what Jessi is saying here, and I want to have this conversation about how you can have the the things that you want, and there can be that, and I want to tell you that it does not mean it is not the same as doing it all, being it all and spreading yourself thin. So let’s just check that box now.

Jessi Sletten  9:22  

Right? Yeah, yes, yes.

Molly Claire  9:25  

So yeah, I think as you were talking, I think what’s so important for moms to remember is that you are not supposed to be a mom like anyone else. And the good news about this is that the way you are especially the way you are when you feel alive and you have that spark in you, that is when your unique version of being a mom will come out. And so not only do I believe full heartedly, that it’s possible All, for you to have your own passion and to be the best mom. But actually, I believe that when you are alive, and when you are within your, like your passion and your work, that is when you will truly be the very best version of mom that you can be. And so it’s kind of like, it’s almost like, you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this, this concept of the Zone of Excellence, and then the Zone of Genius? And it’s this idea of right like this, you can be excellent at something. But when you’re in your zone of genius, it’s just like, wow, like mind blowing magic, right? You are phenomenal at what you’re doing. And everything is easier. And I kind of think the same thing. I think we can kind of white knuckle through being a mom, and people can be in a Zone of Excellence. But how stressed out are they? Right? And when we’re not making room for that piece of, you know, whatever your passion is, right? Like in your business, having that business, having that purpose, I know, I can just say for me that, genuinely, my kids, I may have a lot of flaws, I may not be the most organized, and I may not be a laundry list of things as a mom, right. But what I will say is that my kids know, when they see me in the morning, I’m excited. I’m connecting with them. We have a good time. My daughter and I have what we call a “waffle party” every morning where we connect. And it’s kind of like, like, that is the reason all that matters is that who I am, right? And believe me when I am bogged down and stressed out, I just can’t be that way. And so I think as I’m I know, I’m kind of going on and on about this, but you know, those of you listening, like, think about those things that make you feel alive and bring that passion and especially like if that is your business, you do not have to feel guilty or bad about that. Be excited that you know what you can do to enhance your life and then your kids just get the benefit of having a mom that is just full of purpose and will benefit them so much more than you could otherwise.

Jessi Sletten  12:07  

Oh my god, I love that so much. It’s so true. Because it’s like, you know, when we’re not feeling fulfilled, when we’re not feeling like we have that sense of purpose, and that higher calling whatever you want to call it, really does start to have this trickle down effect into how we are interacting within our other relationships, right? Because we’re not good with ourselves. We’re not connected to ourselves, our purpose, our passion. And so how can we authentically connect fully with the ones that we love? Right? And I’m not saying that, you know, there isn’t that connection or bond. I know it is. But are you really fully, like you said, showing up the most, you know, authentically the most fulfilled the most connective when you don’t have that piece for yourself, and what a beautiful gift to give our kids; to show that we could have this passion for something and we go for it. We’re doing it, we’re doing our dream, we’re, you know, we’re driving for that. And that is so incredibly powerful for our kids to see that as well.

Molly Claire  13:13  

And I just want to say really quickly, because I know how our mom brains think. And if any of you listening are already telling you like feeling bad or guilty or thinking oh, I should have pursued my passion more, or I don’t know what my passion is. Or oh, I wish I were being more that way with my kids. My poor kids. Listen, this is, really. We all just need to give ourselves so much space and grace and compassion. We’re all figuring it out. We all have areas where we wish we were doing things a little better or a little differently. And the good news is like every day right now, in this moment is a chance right to say, “Okay, what’s one step I can take toward whatever it is I want to be possible?” 

Jessi Sletten  13:59  

Yes, I love that. Taking the little steps can add up over time, right. And I think that they’re is seasons we all go through, right? Like right now, I would love to be diving more into my business then I’m able to because my kids have been nonstop sick, right? And so I really haven’t been into that. I am full blown “mom mode” like 100%. Right. And so it’s like, there are those, I understand the idea of balance. But I also think it’s not in the traditional sense where we’re always going to be perfectly balanced all the time, right? It’s going to be more of right now my priority is more my kids and taking care of their illnesses and taking care of that you know, and then maybe in a couple months or a couple of weeks, I get to slide a little bit more over here where I’m still prioritizing my kids, but I have more time for my business or my passions or whatever that might look like so is that something that you kind of agree with the idea of balance?

Molly Claire  14:53  

Absolutely. And the way that I think about it is so when I’m working with my clients, they’re, right, building a coaching business. And and many of the coaches that come to me are they have their family life as a very high priority. That’s why they’re attracted to the work I do. Right. So the first thing we do is we take a look at creating what is your ideal life business vision, right? And there’s a lot that goes into that. And I won’t get into all of it here. But one of the key pieces of it is remembering that your personal life, your family life, all of those parts, and your business are not in competition with each other, because it seems that way, right? It’s kind of like I have to pick. But one way to think about it that’s really helpful is to think my business and my personal life, are part of the bigger picture, which is my overall experience of life, what I’m creating and who I am. And I think sometimes when we can think about it that way, and we see that my business and my personal life, are in cooperation with one another, it makes all the difference, right? Because what it means is, you know, and then the other piece is, and I can speak more to this, if you would like as well about how we do prioritize and shift things around like that. But, but what it does, when we’re really clear on that idea that these two things are in support of one another, then right when the kids are sick, and when it’s pulling your attention there instead of thinking, “Oh, no, this is taking away from my business”, it can allow you to think, “Okay, how is this very experience, in support of how I’m moving my business forward? What can I learn from this that I can maybe implement and give to my clients”, right? And so there are always opportunities to see how whatever you’re experiencing or facing in either area, is actually in support of the other area, and how it really is part of the bigger picture of you honoring your own personal priorities and values in the big picture of your life.

Jessi Sletten  17:11  

Yes. Oh, gosh, that’s really powerful. Because I feel like that is a huge mindset shift. 

Molly Claire  17:17  

Yes, yes, 

Jessi Sletten  17:18  

But those mindset shifts need to happen in order for the action to follow, right. And I would love for you to give maybe some tips on okay, we’ve had this mindset shift. Now we’re moving forward with the idea that this is in cooperation, they’re supporting one another. So then when we do have these things come up, how do you recommend kind of shifting things around and reprioritizing stuff?

Molly Claire  17:39  

Mm hmm. Well, one thing I think is extremely important for everyone, but especially moms to do is to build in some flex time. So this is kind of how I think about it. I think that if we’re to take any one, any given day, any given week, or month, or set of three months, and we were to say, track the amount of like, I’m using these air quotes, right, like unexpected things that come up, it’s typically about the same amount of unexpected things, right? Whether it’s that, you know, a kid needs you to take something to the school, or they’re sick, or whatever it is. And, and certainly this is going to ebb and flow. But if we, it can be an interesting experiment, just to track the amount of those things that come up, and actually plan that as time dedicated to those extra things. So we’re building in flex time, right? Because in truth, those things come up. And when we, when something like that does come up. And our interpretation of it is, “oh, no, I wasn’t expecting this. This is going to put me behind.” It’s never a helpful thing for us. Where as when those things come up and instead we realize, “oh, unexpected things happen.” It’s expected that they do -ironically. Right? So how can I, how do I attend to this, and then work with all this flex time that I’ve put in to adjust my schedule. And so part of it is building in that flexible time. And the other thing is really just shifting even that mindset, that that the plan was never supposed to go as expected. We make the plan and then we adjust over and over again.

Molly Claire  17:51  

Yeah, yeah, that baseline is there for us to kind of have a starting place. But then yeah, as things come in and change, we have to have that flexibility to say okay, and I liked what you said, because it kind of lends to the idea of being really curious, right? Like, oh, that instead of like just being defeated or feeling like you know, okay, now I’m going to be behind and, you know, this just gets our anxiety up and we just start you know, having that negative self talk, instead becoming curious about “okay, how can I add Just what I was doing last week to maybe incorporate more of that flex time?” Or “can I create a system that makes this a little easier for me to offput that particular piece of my business and make it more automated” or whatever that might be, getting that curiosity going, instead of feeling so out of control? Finding ways we can get back in control when those unexpected things come up. 

Molly Claire  20:24  

Yeah, and you know, one of the things I don’t think we realize as women how often we actually have some nervous system activation going on. 

Jessi Sletten  20:33  


Molly Claire  20:33  

So I mean, really, and so, you know, when when I work with my coaches and help them to be effective, this is one of the things that we talk about, because how can we help other people to be more effective? How can we be more effective when we have our nervous system activation, hijacking the part of our brain that he’s able to problem solve and make smart decisions. So in practical terms, what this looks like is right, I’m working away, and I have my tasks for the day, and I think “this is amazing, I’m on fire, my business is going so well.” And then a demand gets thrown on me or I get a call from the school or whatever, right? It can be very easy for us to go into a bit of a like heightened state, right? Sometimes even that sense of panic. It’s like, oh, my gosh, right. And then we start believing that we’re behind, and “how am I going to do all of this?” And what happens is this really ineffective pattern that we do automatically, we don’t judge ourselves for it, it just is true, it’s a very ineffective pattern, where we are doing more, going faster, trying to squeeze it all in. And it’s always going to put us behind. We think that if we move faster and shove it in, that will get it all done. But actually what’s going to happen is our work will be sloppy, or we will take on more than we possibly can, or we will exhaust ourselves and it will put us behind. And so I think that being really part of the value, in shifting this mindset and bringing that curiosity is we’re actually building in a pause, where we can kind of breathe and feel grounded for a minute and think, “okay, how am I going to problem solve within this?” Right? And that’s when those solutions open up and we might realize, “you know, what, it’s not the end of the world if I move this thing to a later time” or “how can I delegate? How can I take something off my list? What’s most important?” And so just that that mindset shift of realizing when things come up, it’s not an accident, it’s not really unexpected, but instead, how do I solve for this, knowing that my personal life and business fit together? It allows us to stay more calm and grounded. And, and it allows us to just problem solve, right? And that’s, that’s how we move forward in our business more smoothly and more quickly, too.

Jessi Sletten  23:00  

Yeah, yeah, definitely leaning into more of that CEO mindset instead of, I have busy work, and I’m just going to make myself push through this. And then now I’m burnt out, and I have no energy to do the work that I needed to do later in the week, because I am just, I’m done.

Molly Claire  23:16  

That’s right. And I think sometimes it can be very tricky, because we can think especially as high achieving women, you know, we can think, well, you know, what, I’m really good at getting through a to do lists, like when the pressures on you know, yeah, and it’s kind of like, Yeah, but let’s wait a minute. Let’s take a step back and look at this, because I know I can say for myself, yeah, I can fake it pretty well, I can get a lot done, but mark my words, I’m going to end up with a migraine, I’m going to be exhausted, I’m going to end up, you know, being in a space where I am stressed reacting, right? Like later, I may be scrolling or, you know, have eating just because I’m you know, so overwhelmed. And I mean, that’s not going to be effective. That’s not going to move me forward as CEO. Right. Right.

Jessi Sletten  24:01  

Right. Yeah, totally. Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. And I feel like, you know, as entrepreneurs, we’re already in that bucket of, you know, more high achieving, wanting to, you know, push ourselves wanting to, you know, have that success or whatever, you know, and so we’re really prone to more of those tendencies, you know, and being aware of that is really, really important. And as an ADHDer too like, that doesn’t help either where my executive functioning brain is like, nope, like, you haven’t giving me any breathing time so now we’re gonna just, yeah, we’re gonna just sabotage everything. 

Molly Claire  24:37  

Yeah, yeah, that’s right. I know. Oh, my gosh, right. We do all these fun things in the mix and my house so right now my middle son is he’s away from home, but my oldest and my daughter here. All three of us have ADHD. And we, I mean, it is, it’s just comical. We can be having a conversation and sometimes we just laugh because we’re all having a different conversation together at the same time.

Jessi Sletten  25:05  

Oh my gosh, the dynamic of an ADHD house, it’s so funny. My oldest is also diagnosed as well. And it’s just like, you know, we couldn’t relate to each other so much. Which I think is another wonderful thing because it’s like, okay, taking my own experiences and wanting to shift that for my own kids and being able to learn, you know, through the masking that we’ve had to do all of our lives and wanting something better for our kids. But just as another one of those pieces of, you know what, like, like you wanted to talk about to at one point, you are the perfect parent for your child, right? And it’s like, yeah, embracing that concept is really beautiful and powerful.

Molly Claire  25:45  

Yes, yes. I mean, it really is because, you know, I think that, again, as high achievers, and as, as women and moms in general, we are fed so many ideas about the way we’re supposed to be a mom, and so many things like it should come naturally to us, I should be this way, I should be that way. I should be more organized. And, and it’s kind of like, it’s just sometimes, you know, I wish I could go back to that new mom, when when I first bought brought that baby home and give a more empowering message, you know, and it’s kind of like, so yeah, I mean, all of you listening, I think it can be a very helpful exercise. To go through this as this is one of the things in my book that I encourage moms to do, which is make a list of “the mom list”, like being a good mom is all of these things, right? And this list can just be endless. And then I think it’s a great idea to go through. And notice the things on that list, that are actually things that someone else thinks you should be doing, but don’t actually matter to you, right? Maybe your neighbor, your mother, or mother in law, or friend or whatever, right. So what someone else thinks you should be doing. And then what things on that list are there just because you assume they’re true, but actually, those things don’t really matter to you. Yeah. And when you can clear that stuff out, you can typically identify the things about being a mom that actually matter to you. And they’re typically things that are very easy and natural to you, as well. And so I often think think it’s those other things that crowd the list that take away from that. And so, you know, I know for me, I can just say, we could be here all day talking about the laundry list of things I thought I was supposed to do, and the ways I thought I was supposed to be, but, what has ended up being really the magic in my parenting with my kids is, you know, just loving them and being with them, and seeing them for who they are as individuals, and making sure that they always know that who they are is important, right. And those things that I’ve said, they have nothing to do with meals, they have nothing to do with schedules, they have nothing to do with all of these things. And yet, those things are the things that matter. And I’ve never been a you know, perfect parent. And I can say that I have a great relationship with my kids. And I’m really grateful that that and that is in part right from clearing out the noise and just being with them. 

Jessi Sletten  28:51  

Yeah, I love that so much. Because there is, I talk about this all the time, with that societal concept of this is what a perfect mom is, this is what a good mom does. And you know, we get that noise in our head. And then things don’t resonate with us sometimes with those expectations. And then we start thinking, Oh, what’s wrong with me? Then I’m broken. I’m not good enough mom. Because these are things that I struggle with. Or, you know, I imagined my postpartum looking this certain way, and it didn’t happen. And so now like, I’m done right, like, this wasn’t, this is terrible, I’m a horrible mom, all these terrible things that we start telling ourselves. And in reality, we need to just stop “shoulding” ourselves. I always say, there’s no “shoulding” anymore. We’re not “shoulding” anymore. We’re going to say, this is what I deserve. And this is what I desire. And I am going to follow that and prioritize the connection with my child with my baby over any of the noise like you called it because I think that that piece is truly like you said the most important part. Is that connection. 

Molly Claire  30:01  

Yes. And you know, a couple things. I actually I, I can share a story that’s like a little vulnerable. That was a good wake up call for me as a mom. So I’ll do that in a minute. But before I forget, you know, in what’s ironic, like in the beginning of my book, like the introduction, it’s like, it’s talking about setting expectations for the book, right? And one of the things I say is, I find it incredibly ironic that I’m setting the expectation here setting the stage of what to expect, because when you enter motherhood, it’s never what you expect right? 

Jessi Sletten  30:37  


Molly Claire  30:37  

And I talk in that book about how I had my first child, and let me tell you, Jessi, I thought, I’m like, I, I am in it to win it. Like, I was so excited to be a mom, I always wanted to be a mom, it just, it’s, I think something that’s very close to my heart. And I have this baby, I bring him home from the hospital. He’s colicky. He’s not sleeping. I wasn’t sleeping, I had a headache around the clock. He was in the hospital. At nine weeks old, he was on breathing treatments. And it was just like, oh my gosh, how am I so bad at something that I thought I was meant to do? Right. And I see now looking back at that poor, ragged mom, that I wasn’t doing a terrible job, right. But I just think it’s worth mentioning. Because all of you listening, no matter what you’re experiencing, it isn’t ever what you expect. And I think that the greatest gift that you and that we can all give ourselves is like, give yourself a little bit of credit and focus on what you’re doing well, is not easy. It’s just not easy.

Jessi Sletten  31:43  

Yeah. And that doesn’t have to be the big things. Right? It can be the small things you’re doing well, and you know, really celebrating those tiny wins. And you know, having that shift in thought around, okay, this was really hard. I get I’m really struggling right now. And allowing yourself to feel that and then making space for the “and”. “And” I was able to, you know, get him to fall asleep. Finally, you know, in the bassinet, even if it was only for five minutes, that’s a win, you know, like finding those little wins and making room for both of those, those feelings. And without shoving them down, right? Because that doesn’t help either, is really, really something we all deserve to do for ourselves.

Molly Claire  31:44  

Yeah! And taking care of yourself. And I know we hear this, and I think a lot of the pushback that moms give a lot is, “well, it would be nice, but I just can’t because they need things.” But I’m gonna push back on that because, you know, like, I look at my first child. And I really, I honestly had a headache going in between a bad headache and a migraine headache bouncing back and forth between those two headache options for months. For months. 

Jessi Sletten  32:35  

That’s debilitating.

Molly Claire  32:41  

It was. I mean, it really was and I just it was like, hang in there, keep it up, right. I’m my nursing. I’m like, I’m just trying to do all the things. And then fast forward. And I mean, I’ll say this with the caveat that my third child did not have the same challenges physically with allergies and sleep. And I’d also figured some things out, right? But it’s like, I remember so I had my daughter. And I have this system, right? So it was like, Okay, I feed her at eight o’clock. And then I had I had a bed in her room, I would feed her I would go to bed. And then my husband would feed her, you know, a bottle and it could be you know, whatever everyone’s choice is different, right? Whether it’s formula or pumped milk or whatever, right? And, and he would stay up, he would feed her. And so by the time I woke up, I have like a stretch of sleep that was like five or six hours. And it was everything for me. 

Jessi Sletten  34:05  


Molly Claire  34:06  

Everything. And you know, everyone’s different. But for me like having that solid, having that much sleep was the difference maker between me having headaches and me not having headaches. And so like looking back, right? It’s true that with the first baby, the situation was different, all of that was different. And I think it would have been worth it for me to figure out a way that I could get the sleep that I needed. Because it just it matters so much. So whatever. If you’re needing more help and support and it seems impossible, try to bring a little bit more of a solution focused approach because your well being matters so much.

Jessi Sletten  34:44  

Oh my gosh, yes. That’s the whole premise of my platform. And I couldn’t agree with what you said more because it is so true that when we it’s you know when people ask me well how can you plan for postpartum like, you know, anything can happen. You know, you don’t know how your birth gonna go you don’t know how, what issues the baby might have. And that’s all true. But what we can plan for is the support that surrounds us. 

Molly Claire  35:08  


Jessi Sletten  35:08  

We can make time for our self care. What self care or soul care really means to us like, and a lot of times, it’s going back to basics, like you said, prioritizing sleep, prioritizing our nutrition, you know, having all of these things that are fueling our body and our nurturing our body so that we can be more present with our children, we can have the energy we need to care for them, despite the unknowns, right?

Molly Claire  35:35  

Yes, yes, yes, yes. And, you know, you said actually can’t remember which word you said that I’m going to say both nurturing self, nourishing self. Like, I think those words, because sometimes our self care plan can actually feel like a list of things to do and more like a burden. And so I just think for all of you, when you think about even your plan, right can be committing that you will nurture and nourish yourself and your needs, whatever that is. So maybe it’s, it’s chatting with a friend every day, maybe that is part of the best self care you can do. Right? So just the more open we can be as to what that actually looks like, and making those decisions from a place of asking ourselves. “What do I need? What do I really need?” Yeah.

Jessi Sletten  36:30  

Yes, yeah, really, really checking in with ourselves and letting our bodies inform what we are needing right? And really trying to embody that, “okay, I’m gonna be really in my body and really feel what I need,” like those headaches, right? That was your body trying to give you feedback. I need sleep, I need, you know, whatever it was. And so it’s like, yes, we’re so used to ignoring our body, like…be quiet!

Molly Claire  36:55  

oh, my gosh, right?

Jessi Sletten  36:56  

I know, but I don’t have to, I don’t have time for I can’t get up for two minutes while the baby’s crying to go to go pee, right? Like I have. I have to be nap trapped for two hours, even though my bladder is gonna explode. No, no, we don’t have to do that, right. It’s this pressure that comes from all around us, but also within us. And so it’s like honoring our needs, prioritizing our self care, even if it’s the basic self care is really what’s going to allow us to flourish in the postpartum timeframe. 

Molly Claire  37:28  


Jessi Sletten  37:29  

Heal deeply be able to balance our hormones more quickly. All of these things are connected. They’re interconnected, for sure.

Molly Claire  37:37  

Yes, yes.

Jessi Sletten  37:39  

Yeah, let’s see, I know, we had a couple other things that we really wanted to touch on, for today’s episode. And one of the things I think, you know, you were wanting to discuss is really embracing motherhood as this opportunity for personal growth. And so I’d love for you to kind of give a little bit of your insights there.

Molly Claire  38:00  

Oh, my gosh. So I just so you know, in the work that I do now, with coaches, I help them to one of the things we talk about as we’re talking about not only their skills, but we talk about different subsets of clients they will work with. And actually right now, as we speak, yesterday, I was working with them because we are on our “motherhood, parenting and family life” segment of the training, right. And so it’s like, we were we were talking about sorry, my brain is like, is going so many places right now, I will make sure that I am that I’m articulating this in in and keeping within the question, asked me the question again, so that I make sure I keep this really focused. 

Jessi Sletten  38:48  

Yeah, no, and if there’s something more important that you wanted to touch on, that’s fine, too. But really just the idea of embracing motherhood as this opportunity for growth for ourselves. And yeah, where those opportunities can be found. Yeah.

Molly Claire  39:00  

yes, yes. Okay, so. So yeah, so just yesterday, we’re talking about these different issues that come up with their clients who are moms, and fear of making sure that our kids succeed? 

Jessi Sletten  39:17  

Yes, oh.

Molly Claire  39:18  

Struggling with our kids being unhappy, pouting, throwing fits, struggling when our kids don’t have good manners. So all these things right within motherhood. And what we were talking about, and this is the area where my coaches can really help moms in this way, is that underneath all of those, it’s kind of like I think of these things as places where we have like a tight grip. Right, like child misbehaves or child has emotions or child like, doesn’t meet a marker of success or whatever it is. And it’s like, we can kind of cling to it and it it activates something emotionally for us, right? Yeah. So usually those things are so somehow connected and related to our own fear of not being enough, of not being adequate, right? It’s like it’s there is a very unique connection between parents and children and mothers and children. And and so like, I call this kind of this like this, like “parent child entanglement” that kind of happens. And it sounds really bad and negative and unhealthy. But the truth is, it’s just very common, right? And so it’s like, I think the reason why there’s so much opportunity is, when I have something like that come up, rather than thinking I need to go in and fix this and change my child, it’s a great opportunity to just pause and kind of find out “what’s going on for me here?” you know, and “maybe I’m feeling a little afraid that I’m not going to do a good job as a mom, maybe I’m fearful that I’m inadequate, maybe I’m bringing my past experience and kind of dumping it on my kid in this way”. So. So in that sense, I feel like it, opens up a space of a lot of self reflection, a lot of healing for ourselves, and, and just really some self discovery and peace that can happen along the way as we work through that stuff with our kids. 

Molly Claire  39:26  

Oh my gosh, yes, I completely agree. Motherhood is this opportunity for healing, right? It’s from healing our own experiences as children, for healing our own, you know, reactions and emotional regulation that we might be lacking, right? And it’s like, we’re able to as we are teaching our children, we’re re-parenting ourselves in a way where it’s like, “okay, you know, here’s a learning opportunity for me after this emotional outburst happened with my kid, like, what am I making this about me” you know, and I love that you said the self reflection piece, because I think that that is so true. I have not learned more about myself in any other time of my life than since I’ve become a parent.

Molly Claire  41:57  

Oh, my gosh, it is like, it’s like the ultimate and will. And you know, the topic of this conversation specifically about motherhood and business. I feel like, these are the two areas that challenge us the most to grow. Because as a mom, right, it’s like, you are facing your biggest fears. You’re, you’re responsible for another human being right. And it dregs up so much. And then when you’re building a business, it’s like, okay, this is requiring me to believe in myself more see something that’s possible, do something I’ve never done. It’s like, it’s like, Okay, listen, those of you listening, if you’re a mom, and you have a business, you’re taking the most the two biggest things you can have, and you’re doing them at the same time. So pat yourself on the back, its a big deal.

Jessi Sletten  42:50  

this is a big deal. Exactly, exactly that, that motivation that, you know, it’s just something that, I don’t know, it’s it’s an interesting concept to tackle those two huge things, you know, at the same time, and how, in some ways, though, they, like you said before they can fuel one another, and they can really nurture one another, as long as we have that idea at the beginning that you said that they’re not in competition, right? They actually support one another in some ways. And so absolutely. Give yourself a pat on the back. Like you said, Molly, that you guys that you are, are brave enough to go on this journey, you know, and 

Molly Claire  43:31  


Jessi Sletten  43:31  

and you’re doing a great job, you’re doing a great job.

Molly Claire  43:35  

And have support. I mean, that’s the thing, you know, I know, it’s easy to you know, I sit here and say, “Oh, my kids are grown. And you know, it can come across like everything is so easy. And I handle all this.” And in truth, I have a lot of support, right? I always have a coach that helps me with my personal, my, my feelings, my personal stuff that comes up. I have coaches and mentors that give me guidance. And so that’s the other thing. It’s like we are, we are on this earth to be with people we are here to connect, we are here to learn from each other, so. 

Jessi Sletten  44:09  

Absolutely. And there’s no more vulnerable time than motherhood, right where we need that village and it is not automatically built right. One of the work that I do a lot with my clients is curating that postpartum village of support and making it very eclectic, right? There’s going to be things that you need. Across the board, like you said, it’s a holistic thing that we have to focus on and really trying to do that before we’re in the trenches and we’re drowning and we feel like we’re isolated. That’s where the power and the empowerment comes in, for sure.

Molly Claire  44:43  

Yes, yes. Yeah. And it’s like right because being you become a mom and that can be isolating. And then you know if those listening that have an online business, sometimes that can be very isolating. I remember at one point, joking that I was like a life coach with no life because, like, I’m just by myself doing this right and so. So like, yeah, we’ve got to make sure we’re attending to all of our needs mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, all of it. Yeah.

Jessi Sletten  45:13  

Absolutely. Yeah. And if anybody listening, if you have questions that you want to ask, you know, even if we can’t get to it right now, on the live, I will see those come through on the broadcast. So, you know, we’re more than happy to circle back around and answer any questions you might have. But you know, with the remaining minutes here that we have left of the show, I would love, Molly for you to just let us know, like one last piece of advice, or maybe one of your favorite mantras about motherhood or being a mom and an entrepreneur, what would that one piece of advice be that you want to leave everyone with?

Molly Claire  45:48  

Yeah, so I go back to something I shared earlier, which is, give yourself the gift of really creating a very clear vision for yourself, of what your ideal life and business vision is. And I’m talking crystal clear, like, what are the hours that you work? What are the hours you do not work? What types of activities are you doing in your business, because they light you up? What are the things in your personal life that are absolute non negotiables, as far as important things to be a part of or to have in your life. And so the more specific you can get, visually, verbally, everything about what you ultimately want, and ground yourself there. That is the secret. When I started my business, I was just becoming a single mom, I’ve been married for 15 years, I had three kids, I was healing from chronic fatigue syndrome, I was terrified about money, I was overwhelmed about building a business. And I said, “my kids are going to have a mom, I’m going to create freedom, time and flexibility to be with them and to be there. And I am going to provide well for them.” And building a business and doing all that it’s not easy. And there are about a million times and ways you could be discouraged and quit. But when you are clear on what you are wanting, it allows you to move forward through those challenges no matter what. That’s my biggest, biggest recommendation. 

Jessi Sletten  47:37  

Oh, I love that. That is so beautiful. And so very true. So thank you so much for that encouragement. Yeah. It’s hard. Yeah. 

Jessi Sletten  47:47  

Yeah, and if you would mind just letting us know, where can people connect with you out in the big world of the internet? 

Molly Claire  47:54  

Sure. Yeah. So those of you so for the moms space, I’ve already mentioned it, “The Happy Mom Mindset” is my book, you can just get it on Amazon, and it has a workbook, you’ve absolutely got to get the workbook. The good thing is you can actually I have a free digital version, if you prefer that. I think getting the one to write in is like the best way to do it. So honestly, it is it’s really going to be helpful for you. So “The Happy Mom Mindset” is my book for moms. If anyone listening is a coach, and you might be interested in my master coach training or other programs to build your business, you can just find me at mollyclaire.com. I’m on Instagram, Molly Claire coaching. And also I host the Masterful Coach podcast where I talk about coaching skills and also this ideal life and business balance. So those are the ways that you can can find me out there in the big wide world of of online stuff. 

Jessi Sletten  48:50  

Perfect. Well, thank you so much. This has been such an insightful conversation. I feel like we’ve given amazing value on just you know what we can do to really embrace motherhood and embrace our entrepreneurial fire and not let it dim you know, just because we are now in in parenthood. And so yeah, I just think this is such a beautiful conversation. So thank you so much again, Molly, for joining me. 

Molly Claire  49:16  

Thank you.

Jessi Sletten  49:16  

and everybody watching just as a reminder, Empowering Postpartum Coaching guides new and pregnant moms through the transition into motherhood so that they can bond with their baby without sacrificing their own self care. And if this is something you are wanting for your postpartum, shoot me a DM on Instagram. You can see my handle here. It’s @empowering_postpartum, and we can chat about how I can help support you through your journey. And remember, this show can also be heard on the Spanglish Radio Network, and please check out Spanglishworld.ca for all the news and programming. Spanglish world. Watch it, hear it, read it, download it and live it, and we will all see you again back here next week. for another episode of empowering postpartum thank you so much.

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