Postpartum Nutrition Planning Package


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The Postpartum Nutrition Planning package provides expecting parents with customized nutrition coaching, meal planning, and recipes to support postpartum health. It includes a beautiful printed copy of the Postpartum Nutrition Plan which includes: 6-week meal plan with 25+ gluten and dairy-free recipes, shopping lists, freezer meal instructions, and supplement recommendations. Also included are an initial consult to customize the plan to your needs, and 7 coaching calls for guidance implementing the plan and addressing concerns. This all-inclusive package helps new parents heal, balance hormones, improve sleep and energy, sustain milk supply, and heal the body without restrictive dieting. Feel supported, accountable, and equipped to nourish yourself from the inside out as you recover in your fourth trimester.

What we experience in the first several years postpartum impacts our family in ways we are just learning.

And as significant as those facts are, NO ONE has gotten down to truly supporting bithgivers in their depletion.

I’m now dedicated to sharing with birthing parents exactly what I found to help heal your birthing wounds, balance your hormones, and support your postpartum body and mind from the inside out.

Not only will the Postpartum Nutrition Planning package support you in balancing your hormones after having a baby, it will also help you:

  • Sustain a healthy milk supply if you are breast/chestfeeding so that you are getting enough nutrients to support yourself and your little one
  • Get better sleep so that you FINALLY feel more rested and ready for the crazy day ahead
  • Eliminate the guilt and overwhelm of having to deal with what to eat, what to cook, and how to plan all of that while taking care of your little one(s).
  • Support a healthy weight as you eat foods that your body is BEGGING for without starving, counting calories, or going on an unnecessary diet
  • Learn about your body’s nutrition and hormones and how to consciously address it’s needs so that you can connect, support, and love your changed body
  • Have the guidance, encouragement, and customized coaching support to stay accountable and get the help you need if you run into any challenges along the way, ensuring your success

The Postpartum Nutrition Planning package is an all-inclusive guide and mentorship package that includes:

1:1 Coaching Container:

  • 1 Prenatal consult to introduce the Postpartum Nutrition Plan, complete an intake process to help me customize the plan to fit your unique health and perinatal needs, and create a custom plan for preparing these healing meals BEFORE baby arrives
  • 7 Postpartum coaching calls to ensure you have the support and guidance you need as you work through each week of the Postpartum Nutrition Plan and address any concerns or questions you may have

Postpartum Nutrition Plan:

  • Gorgeous printed copy of the Postpartum Nutrition Plan
  • 6 weeks of all meals planned, including snacks
  • 25+ dairy and gluten-free recipes
  • Shopping lists
  • Complete easy-to-implement “guide” with customization to fit your needs
  • Freezer meal instructions to plan ahead
  • Vitamin supplement guide to maximize your nutrient intake correctly
  • Access to the companion eCourse to enhance your understanding of how to support your postpartum body through nutrition


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