Empowering Postpartum Coaching


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12 week 1:1 coaching program designed to help you feel as prepared, confident, and holistically supported through your transition into parenthood, without losing yourself to it.



This custom 12 week program is designed for you to feel as prepared, confident, and holistically supported through your transition into parenthood.

This 1:1 coaching container focuses on EMPOWERING and PREPARING you for your postpartum journey and SUPPORTING you once baby makes it earth-side. During our time together, we will create birth and postpartum plans that will center your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing as you prepare for your transition into parenthood.

Potential Support Areas Customized to Your Unique Needs:

  • Custom 5 Pillar Postpartum Empowerment Plan that is tailored to your specific needs, history and experiences removing the stress and the uncertainty and replacing it with a focused confidence.
  • 6 Week Postpartum Nutrition Plan with online course and coaching support to help you nourish, heal and thrive from the inside out!
  • After baby arrives, there is nothing more stressful than navigating breast/chestfeeding issues alone. When you choose to partner with me on this sacred journey, I can support you with virtual infant feeding consultation(s) if you are running into any issues with feeding your little one.
  • 4 weeks of postpartum support after birth (lactation guidance, safe space to share your experiences, nutrition plan support, etc).

What you can expect:

  • 8 Postpartum Planning Calls where we will map out your custom postpartum support plan before baby arrives
  • 4 Postpartum Check-In Calls where you can get support with any lactation/infant feeding challenges, birth story processing and safe space to share your experience, nutrition plan coaching and support, strategies to help you stick with your postpartum plan and support if something needs to change.
  • You will also have unlimited access to me for the 12 total weeks we work together via the PracticeBetter secure messaging platform. My office hours for response time will be outlined in our prenatal consultation.

It is an honor to support you and your growing family!


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