Mothering Beyond Milk: Prioritizing Mental Health and Support in Postpartum feat Dr. Cindy Rubin, MD

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In this episode of EP TV, I had the honor of chatting about breastfeeding medicine and postpartum care with Dr. Cindy Rubin, MD. Dr. Rubin is a pioneer in the newly board certified specialty of Breastfeeding Medicine as well as a seasoned Pediatrician who offers in home care and 4th trimester support services in the Chicago area. Listen in as we tackle critical topics from the challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers to the importance of mental health support during the postpartum period. Watch now for all the valuable insights and helpful resources for navigating the transition into parenthood feeling prepared, supported, and mentally healthy no matter how you choose to feed your baby.

About Our Guest:

Dr. Rubin is a general pediatrician and board-certified breastfeeding medicine specialist practicing in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. She worked as an outpatient general pediatrician at a large academic center for 13 years before opening her Direct Care practice, In Touch Pediatrics and Lactation. Dr. Rubin loves providing care in patients’ homes, when and where they need it most! Her personal journeys with postpartum and breastfeeding led her to focus on improving care in this field for everyone! She offers physician-level lactation consults and in-home postpartum newborn and mom support packages (pediatric and lactation) in the Chicagoland area. She continues to be involved in teaching medical students as the adviser for her Breastfeeding and Lactation 4th Year Elective, and she serves as the Co-Chair for the Committee on Breastfeeding for the Illinois chapter of the AAP. She is also a founding board member of the North American Board of Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine.

Work with Jessi:

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Show Notes:

Introduction (0:00 – 0:24):
Dr. Cindy Rubin, a pediatrician and breastfeeding medicine specialist based in Chicago, discusses her unique approach to pediatric care, focusing on breastfeeding support and fourth-trimester care.

Exploring Breastfeeding Medicine (0:24 – 5:06):
Dr. Rubin’s dissatisfaction with traditional pediatrics led her to establish a house call practice centered on breastfeeding medicine and postpartum care. The lack of recognition for breastfeeding medicine as a specialized field within healthcare is highlighted.

Breastfeeding Support and Resources (5:06 – 11:20):
Host Jessi Sletten and Dr. Rubin emphasize the importance of postpartum care and breastfeeding support. They discuss personal experiences and training that shaped their understanding of lactation support and the need for increased recognition of this vital aspect of maternal and infant health.

Challenges and Mental Health Issues (11:20 – 17:41):
The conversation shifts to the challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers, including mental health issues stemming from inadequate support. The speakers stress the importance of advocacy, research, and empowering women to address perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Navigating Breastfeeding Challenges (17:41 – 23:31):
The discussion delves into personal experiences of breastfeeding difficulties and emotional distress. Strategies for emotional and mental preparation for new parents are shared, highlighting the importance of seeking support and mental health resources.

Preparing for Newborn Life (23:31 – 29:55):
Practical tips for navigating the early stages of parenthood are provided, emphasizing the importance of seeking help and support, especially during the postpartum period. The importance of prenatal mental health support is underscored.

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Seeking Help (29:55 – 38:29):
Personal insights on postpartum mental health struggles are shared, along with discussions on the importance of regular check-ups and screenings for new mothers. The challenges of accessing postpartum care are highlighted, along with the importance of seeking help for postpartum depression and anxiety.

Postpartum Care and Support (38:29 – 45:32):
Dr. Rubin emphasizes the significance of prenatal counseling to address past trauma and avoid triggering PTSD during childbirth. She shares insights gained from patients’ journeys, highlighting the normalization of imperfect postpartum experiences.

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