Empowering Postpartum Coaching 

Shift into Parenthood with a Solid Sense of Self

Preparing for birth is only the beginning of your journey into parenthood.

If you’re like many expectant parents, your nursery is decorated, your registry is full, and your birth plan is perfect. You're confident that your sweet babe will get all the care they deserve, but you're worried about how you can transition into parenthood without losing yourself.

Parenthood doesn't have to mean losing your identity or sacrificing your self-care.

The Empowering Postpartum Program will guide you through the creation of a holistic postpartum support plan with YOUR well-being at the center before baby arrives. Plus, you will also receive a full 4 weeks of 1:1 support after birth to ensure you (and your family as a whole) are THRIVING in your 4th trimester!

Through this program...

You'll create a postpartum plan that sets you up to defy the societal pressure to "do it all," giving you space to love and honor yourself through your postpartum journey.

You’ll build a village of support so you can step into postpartum feeling nourished and cared for while you nourish and care for baby.

You'll understand how to remain connected with your partner so that you can flourish in parenthood TOGETHER.

You'll continue to have the support and guidance of an experienced postpartum coach who can guide you through the hiccups that inevitably occur in the transition into parenthood.

Preparing for Parenthood: Postpartum Planning Program

With this holistic plan in place, plus Jessi’s compassionate guidance once baby arrives, you’ll be confident in your ability to parent AND your ability to care for yourself as you make the transition.

I am ready to thrive in my 4th trimester!

"You do not need to be a martyr to your motherhood." - Jessi Sletten

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Here’s how it works: 

Over the next 8 weeks, Jessi will guide you through her unique Empowered Postpartum Planning process, where you’ll create a tangible plan for caring for baby and for yourself in 5 key areas:

Pillar 1: Infant Feeding and Care

Strengthen your partnership and prepare for the joys of parenthood by proactively discussing visitor boundaries, sleep routines, diapering preferences, and feeding goals with your partner. This section ensures you both are aligned, reducing stress and fostering a confident transition into your new roles as parents TOGETHER.

Pillar 2: Self- Care

Prioritize your well-being as a new parent by developing a comprehensive self-care plan. This section empowers you to incorporate the four pillars of self-care – Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual – ensuring YOU are nourished mind, body, and soul through this raw and vulnerable time.

Pillar 3: Household Support

Streamline postpartum life by planning for household responsibilities, including cleaning and laundry. With this section, you'll establish a practical framework to maintain a harmonious and stress-free home environment during this transformative period. This allows you to focus in on what really matters - your recovery and bonding with baby.

Pillar 4: Family and Relationship Support

Strengthen your partnership and family bonds through open communication and shared plans. This section guides you in nurturing your relationship, aligning on parenting philosophies, and creating a supportive strategy for older children and pets as you embark on this exciting journey together.

Pillar 5: Creating Your Postpartum "Village"

Build a robust support network for your postpartum period, including family, friends, and professionals you can rely on. This section ensures you're surrounded by a caring 'village' who will see, hear, and holistically support you and your growing family, providing the essential community you need to THRIVE.

Then, once baby arrives, you’ll have Jessi’s support for 4 weeks.

During this time:

  • Jessi will hold space to witness and help you process your birth experience.
  • She will check in with you and screen for any mental health concerns to ensure your have the support, resources, and strategies necessary and as quickly as possible, should you be struggling.
  • You can get support, guidance and education on your infant feeding journey (ie. breast/chestfeeding support, formula feeding questions, pumping support, etc) with the option to do a virtual observed feeding consult.
  • Jessi will check in with you and provide any support on your postpartum nutrition plan and help you make any adjustments or customizations if needed.
  • Finally, you can get support and guidance on how your postpartum plan working for you and your family. Jessi will help you shift or adjust anything that is not working and ensure you are feeling as supported as possible. 
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Transition into Your Parenthood without Losing Yourself to it!

My transition into my own motherhood was not at all what I had dreamed of. I felt beyond prepared throughout my pregnancy for my birth - I had taken all the birthing classes, read all the books, followed my baby growth app religiously. But when it came to preparing for my postpartum - I had no idea where to even start.

I simply assumed since there was no resources out there to help me plan for such a big shift, my "mothering instincts" would just kick in and guide me through the twists and turns of postpartum as I went.

Boy was I wrong.

I struggled for months in just about every way a new parent could.  I remember wishing I had planned for my postpartum just as fervently as I had my birth. I realized that there was a significant gap in new parent support that needed to be filled. Though that heartache and all the lessons learned along the way, my postpartum coaching program was born!

The Empowering Postpartum Coaching Program puts your wellbeing at the center so you can thrive as a new parent. Before baby arrives, we'll create a postpartum plan tailored to your needs so you feel supported, confident, and connected to your sense of self.

This program helps you prioritize self-care and rebuilding your identity so you can navigate the transition into parenthood with grace. You'll gain the knowledge and tools to take control of your experience, with your specific needs as the focus.

Once baby is here, I'll provide judgement-free support as your guide and advocate. We'll troubleshoot challenges together while also helping you care for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being amidst new parenthood.

My personalized guidance ensures your own empowerment and self-care are prioritized. You'll feel prepared, uplifted, and ready to fully embrace this special time while staying grounded in who you are. This program helps you transition to parenthood on YOUR terms.

Here is What is Included In the Empowering Postpartum Coaching Program:

Prenatal Phase - Planning for your successful postpartum journey.

  • Gorgeous Postpartum Empowerment Plan e-Workbook
  • Postpartum Nutrition Plan and eCourse
  • 8 weekly 60 min postpartum support planning sessions via Zoom
  • Written Customized Postpartum Support Plan that helps you:
    • Center your well-being and connection to yourself outside of motherhood
    • prioritize your healing
    • curate your support system
    • navigate baby care and infant feeding
    • support your relationship with your partner
    • strengthen your relationship with your older children
    • create an actionable plan for ensuring your house is ran smoothly while you focus on recovery and bonding with your little one

Postpartum Phase- Supporting, witnessing and guiding you through your unique 4th trimester.

  • 4 weekly 60 min postpartum coaching calls via Zoom
    • These postaprtum calls are highly customizable, supporting you where you need help the most.
    • Topics can include:
      • Birth story processing
      • Mental health check-in/screening and support resources
      • Lactation/infant feeding consultations
      • Postpartum Nutrition Plan coaching and check-ins
      • Postpartum plan execution support and adjustments when needed
      • Safe, judement-free space for you to feel seen, heard, and validated in your experiences
  • Unlimited access to support inbetween coaching calls via PracticeBetter secure messenging platform (4 weeks post-birth)

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