Empowering Motherhood: Seeking & Embracing Evidence-Based Support & Education (Feat. “The Mama Coach” Tiffany Lebano, RN)

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In this episode Host Jessi Sletten chats with the amazing Tiffany Lebano (aka “The Mama Coach”) about the importance of evidence based education and support for new and expecting parents.

Listen in as they discuss important topics like: – the realities of postpartum challenges – the benefits of planning for postpartum before birth – the importance of personalized support – evidence-based resources for new parents and expecting parents. Tiffany and Jessi both share their personal experiences (individually and professionally) and practical advice to empower mothers in their journey through early parenthood.

About Our Guest:

Tiffany Lebano (aka “The Mama Coach”) is a Pediatric registered nurse with a BSN from Johns Hopkins. She has been been a birth and postpartum doula, she is a lactation counselor, prenatal educator, and sleep coach. Her goal is to empower families with knowledge and support them through the phases of parenthood. Everything from prenatal education through potty training and preschooler sleep, she can help. “There’s no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a great one”. Babies are not one size fits all but Tiffany believes by working together you can find what works for you and your family.

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Show Notes:

Introduction (0:25)

  • Host Jessi Sletten introduces guest Tiffany Lebano (aka “The Mama Coach”), a passionate pediatric nurse turned multifaceted parent coach who empowers families through education and support throughout the early phases of parenthood.

Postpartum Challenges and Support (6:26)

  • Jessi and Tiffany both share their personal postpartum experience and the challenges they faced, including feeling unprepared for the transition to motherhood.
  • Discussion on the lack of resources and the importance of preparation and support.

Postpartum Depression and Empowerment (12:51)

  • Jessi and Tiffany discuss societal pressures on birth givers, emphasizing the importance of self-care and support.
  • Insights on physical recovery, emotional changes, and societal expectations during the postpartum period.

The Importance of Support During Postpartum (18:30)

  • The importance of support during the postpartum period, highlighting the impact of having someone to encourage and help new mothers.
  • Emphasis on specific, practical support and the benefits of accepting help.

Finding Reliable Sources for New Parent Support and Education (24:03)

  • Finding reliable sources for new parent support and education.
  • Advocacy for oneself as a parent and the need for evidence-based resources to make informed decisions.

Finding the Right Birth Support Team (30:22)

  • Discussion on the importance of finding a birth/postpartum doula, therapist, healthcare provider , etc who aligns with your values and energy.
  • Tips for vetting potential supports and the significance of feeling comfortable with your choice.

Personalized Postpartum Care (33:46)

  • Practical tips for new moms, emphasizing the importance of feeling heard and validated.
  • Comparison of postpartum support to breastfeeding and the need for holistic care that addresses hormones and emotions.

Personalized Care and Continuity of Care in Nursing (39:25)

  • Emphasis on personalized care and continuity of care throughout the perinatal timeframe.
  • Importance of consistent follow-up and knowing the parents and baby for informed decision-making.

Postpartum Symptom Tracking Tips (46:31)

  • Benefits of keeping a journal or notes on symptoms and progress for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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