Back to Business: Strategies for a Confident Return to Work After Birth (Feat. Tara Moler)

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In this episode of Empowering Postpartum TV, I had the privilege to speak with Tara Moler, Leadership and Certified Life Coach and founder of Motherhood Balanced. Tara shares her insights on navigating the transition back to work after maternity leave. From managing “working-mom guilt” to setting effective boundaries for work-life balance, Tara offers practical tips and personal stories to empower new mothers. If you missed us live, tune in to watch the replay now to discover strategies for prioritizing self-care and achieving fulfillment in both your professional and personal life after birth.

About Our Guest:

Tara Moler, a Leadership and Certified Life Coach and founder of Motherhood Balanced, specializes in helping working moms who feel they’re failing at managing both high-achieving work and being the mom they want to be. She helps them reclaim their life and eliminate overwhelm by taking control of their time, priorities, and mind so they can find fulfillment in all areas of their life… guilt-free.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction (0:23)
    • Host Jessi Sletten welcomes special guest Tara Moler, Leadership and Certified Life Coach and founder of Motherhood Balanced.
  • Tara’s Journey (2:01)
    • Tara shares her journey as a leadership and certified coach, helping women prepare for returning to work after maternity leave.
    • Struggled to balance work, family, and personal life after second child, felt like a failure in multiple areas.
  • Differentiating between Guilt and Grief Transitioning Back to Work (4:25)
    • Tips for managing guilt during maternity leave, including reframing that the guilt may actually be grief for maternity leave ending 
    • Reflecting on guilt/sadness related to returning kids to daycare.
    • Recognizing the benefits of sending children to childcare for your child, yourself, and your family as a whole.
  • Setting Boundaries for a Successful Return to Work (11:14)
    • Modeling passion and fulfillment work can bring you for your children.
    • Focusing on why returning to work is best for family, not feeling pressured by societal expectations.
    • Importance of setting clear boundaries and communicating them effectively.
    • Boundaries as agreements you make with yourself.
    • Setting boundaries on calendar availability and work time.
    • Clear separation between work and personal time to be fully present.
  • Setting Boundaries for Work and Family Life While Working from Home (20:47)
    • Setting boundaries and respecting own time.
    • Clear escalation process for work issues and internally honoring your own boundaries.
  • Work-from-Home Challenges and Strategies (26:42)
    • Challenges of working from home with young children, creating boundaries and structure.
    • Tool to manage work and family responsibilities.
    • Tara shares her idea of creating a transition process to close out workday and prepare for home life.
    • Meditation and grounding techniques before entering home life.
  • Work-Life Balance, Collaboration, and Asking for What You Need (38:28)
    • Collaborative problem-solving approach to address concerns while maintaining boundaries.
    • Experience of asking for work flexibility and positive outcomes.
  • Self-Advocacy and Work-Life Balance for New Mothers (42:36)
    • Developing and honing self-advocacy skills.
    • Voicing needs and wants for increased confidence and empowerment.
    • Tara advises if you are struggling self-criticism to practice reframing those thoughts as if you were talking to your best friend. 
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