Baby Proof Your Marriage: Nurturing and Strengthening Your Relationship Before Birth (EP 4)

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In this insightful episode of “Baby Proof Your Marriage,” Host Jessi Sletten guides listeners through the crucial process of nurturing and strengthening partnerships before the arrival of a baby. Addressing common challenges faced by new parents, the episode emphasizes proactive support, open communication, and the importance of fortifying relationships before parenthood. Jessi offers valuable strategies, resources, and a free guide, “Baby Proof Your Marriage,” to help couples navigate the transformative journey of pregnancy and postpartum while fostering a resilient connection. Tune in for expert advice on building a strong foundation and prioritizing self-care during this significant life transition.

1. Strengthening Partnership Before Baby Arrives

Host Jessi Sletten emphasizes the importance of nurturing relationships before childbirth. Prioritizing the relationship is crucial for postpartum success.

2. Parental Dynamics and Communication During Postpartum

  • New parents often face conflicts assuming their relationship will remain unchanged.
  • Proactive support during postpartum is vital to avoid resentment and breakdown.
  • Waiting to address issues can lead to a weakened connection and increased divorce risk.

3. Postpartum Relationship Struggles and Communication

  • 69% of parents face resentment post-baby, stressing the need for pre-transition discussions.
  • Personal experience shared, emphasizing communication and preparation during pregnancy.
  • Strategies offered for building strong communication and support foundations.

4. Fortifying Relationship Before Parenthood

  • Reflecting on upbringing aids meaningful conversations about parenting.
  • Identifying values and goals fosters open and honest discussions with partners.

5. Strengthening Relationships Before and After Baby

  • Open communication and active listening are key in building a resilient relationship.
  • Prioritizing communication, planning, and support leads to a lasting partnership.
  • Free “Baby Proof Your Marriage” guide offers tips for productive conversations.
  • Download here

6. Postpartum Coaching Program for New Mothers

  • Holistic postpartum plan creation with a focus on self-care and partnership.
  • Unlimited support for breastfeeding and bottle feeding challenges.
  • Empowerment and support during the transition to parenthood.
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