Thriving in postpartum is possible

Jessi Sletten CLC, PMH-C

Postpartum Empowerment Coach

Hey there birthgiver! My name is Jessi and I am so happy to connect with you. As a mama of 2 spirited and beautiful boys I have walked the transformational path of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum twice. However, the differences between my two perinatal journeys were like night and day. My first postpartum was one of darkness, mental health struggles, painful recovery, and breastfeeding difficulties that shaped my entire experience as a new mother and impacted my ability to enter parenthood in the way I longed for.

It was through this harrowing heartbreak of my first postpartum experience that my mission was born – to help all new parents create joy, ease, and deep connection within their modern birth and postpartum experience. My goal for you is to create a birthing and postpartum experience that centers your healing, nourishment, and transition into parenthood so that you can connect deeply with your precious baby and truly thrive.

How May I Help You?

Preparing for Parenthood: Postpartum Planning Program

Self-paced online course that guides you in creating your ideal postpartum experience using my 5 pillar Postpartum Empowerment Plan.

Empowering Postpartum Coaching

12 weeks of highly customizable one on one support creating your postpartum support plan, postpartum specific nutrition, lactation education and support.

Virtual Lactation Services, Consultations and Packages

Wanting to prepare for your feeding journey? Struggling and needing support? Looking to create a return to work plan? Schedule a consult today!

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